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The owners of "Long Life for Organic Herbs & Spices" are ones of the pioneers who started the organic farming in Egypt (more than 20 years ago). We have 1100 acres registered as organic, 500 acres of it are registered as our "Own Farms" and the other areas are registered as our organic suppliers (which are completely under our continual management and supervision).

After our extensive field visits all around Egypt over the years, in order to gather vital info on organic growers and producers, we've reached the conclusion to only work with the “Best of the Best” suppliers.

Our farms are located in Al-Fayoum Governorate (EL-ESH1 farm & EL-ESH2 farm) and Beni-Sweif Governorate (AbdelAziz2 farm) which are the most  famous Governorates in Egypt in planting Herbs & Spices.

- All our farms are under periodical and sudden inspections of CERES (our organic certification body).